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We offer flexible, high quality driving instructor training designed to enable you to pass both government theory and practical tests.


Be your own boss

Take more control of your work/life balance. Choose the hours you want to work and take time of when you want.

  • Earn a highly competitive wage
  • Better earnings potential
  • No redundancy, a skill for life
  • Put your family first, push your career where you want
  • Flexible working hours
  • Exceptional job satisfaction!

Get the best training

A+ A.D.I. Courses are setup to offer flexible training to suit individual needs and personal circumstances.

  • One-to-one with a specialist trainer
  • Proven record of pass rates
  • All A.D.I. Levels
  • Cost effective courses & materials
  • Individual support

Opportunity to join A+

Many of our current pupil instructors have passed their A.D.I. exams with A+. Using the skills and high quality training they have been given they are now working with us on the path to an enjoyable and rewarding career

A.D.I. Part 1 Course

A+ Home Study Pack £50

  • Application for written test (Part 1) £64

A.D.I. Part 2 Course

Written exam: £130

  • 14 Lessons for Part 2 of the exam: £560
  • Help and support from A+ Chief Instructor, Robin McDonald

A.D.I. Part 3 Course

Written exam £138

  • 50-60 hours, in-car - one to one tuition: £2000.00 - £2400.00
  • Help and support from A+ Chief Instructor, Robin McDonald


Just a few of the many instructors who have successful passed their A.D.I. examinations with A+

Paul McKeegan A.D.I.

After finding out I was being made redundant I decided it was time for a career change. I wanted to be self employed so I could set my own hours. I have always enjoyed driving and so becoming a driving instructor was the obvious choice.

I completed my part 2 in Belfast with another driving school but when it came to part 3 the instructor seemed very unsure of what he was doing. I spoke to a few people I worked with who where also training to be driving instructors and they recommended I use Robin. I learned so much from Robin and found that with every lesson I gained more and more information and I improved week on week. I can't recommend Robin enough, he is very knowledgeable in every aspect of his job and not only got me through my part 3 but put me in touch with the right people in order to start my own business.

Steven Brace A.D.I.

I always wanted to become a driving instructor since passing my own driving test all those years ago. I passed parts 1 and 2 fairly quickly then it was onto the dreaded part 3! After talking to a few instructors I soon found that A+ was the place to go for training. I knew the first time I met Robin I had made the right decision, his knowledge and ability to play the role of a pupil was outstanding, he planned all the lessons out so I had time to study for the next lesson and was alway on the phone to answer any questions I had. I am now living the dream working for A+ driving academy,Thanks Robin for all your help much appreciated!

Alan McAfee A.D.I.

My name is Alan McAfee. I first thought about a career change to becoming a Driving Instructor in 2008 but due to other circumstances it never developed. However, in 2018, after many years in an Engineering/Manufacturing background, I made the decision to become a Driving Instructor. Initially I went with a well known driving school in Belfast and completed parts 1 & 2. I had my first attempt at part 3 and failed. I was told that if I had been teaching learners it would have been a different outcome. Unfortunately, this would have meant me teaching learners in Belfast which wasn't an ideal situation. When scrolling through Facebook one day I noticed an advertisement from Robin McDonald looking for new driving instructors. I contacted Robin and it wasn't long before I was teaching! I then proceeded to undertake my part 3 training with John and Robin. Their training methods, attitude, approach and knowledge were second to none and, over time I grew in confidence. It was hard work and required dedication and commitment on my part but, as time went on, it all made sense. I had a second attempt at the part 3 and passed! I was over the moon! There is no doubt in my mind that the total package of teaching learners with the specific teaching tools provided by Robin and his team, was the catalyst for my success! If you are thinking about a career change I would highly recommend that you contact Robin at A+ Driving Academy.

Terry Kane A.D.I.

After the closure of the factory were I was employed, I decided to follow my passion to become a driving instructor.

When researching and asking various other instructors it became evident that Robin McDonald was highly recommended and had one of the highest pass rates of any trainer.

I can now personally confirm this as I passed part 1 and 2 within 6 months and part 3 within the year with a 6/5 at the first attempt. I am now working for Robin as an instructor with A + driving academy and am thoroughly enjoying my new career. Robin is always there with any guidance or advice that I require.

Peter Lynch A.D.I.

Hi, I'm Peter Lynch from Derry. I started my ADI Part 1 in approx Jan 2014, then I did my Part 2 training with Robin in March and had passed my exam a few weeks later and then part 3 training.

I found Robin's training well structured and he planned the next lessons out for me so I could always prepare for my next session. Robin does play the pupil role very well, he is very knowledgeable in this field.

Anyone thinking of a career as a driving instructor and unsure who to go with, I can highly recommend this guy as I had read comments on this site before i made my decision.

I'm now a fully qualified ADI, working for A+ Driving Academy & loving my job. Thank you Robin!

Maureen Campbell A.D.I.

Hi am Maureen Campbell. I finished my training for my part 3 ADI with Robin at A+ Driving Academy.

Robin was intense and a hard task master which turned out to successfully ensure I passed with a 5/5 grade. I since passing have been successfully and happily working as an A+ instructor since.

Thelma Smyton A.D.I.

I decided on a career change. My new career choice was to be a driving instructor. I signed up with a well known driving school with great anticipation and looking forward to a successful end result. I passed Part One and Part Two within the year. With the dreaded Part Three on the horizon I quickly discovered my training was insufficient and unsatisfactory to see me to my goal. My friend, who was with this same company, was also discouraged with them after he had failed his Part Three twice.

Fortunately he found Robin McDonald’s flyer on his car windscreen and passed it on to me. Lucky me! I phoned Robin and made an appointment and based on that initial contact I made one of the wisest decisions of my life….and made Robin my new instructor trainer. With Robin’s professional training, his encouragement and calming influence I went from being a discouraged student to a confident, happy student knowing there was light at the end of the tunnel. Robin McDonald I have you to thank for my achievement.

If I could turn back time… the only thing I would change… would be…to have made the “wisest decision of my life” and had Robin McDonald as my Instructor Trainer from the very beginning of my dream.

Joe Peoples A.D.I.

Having passed ADI Part 1 and 2 I start training for Part 3. I soon discovered I was having lots of problems while at the same time spending lots of money.

I decided to try a new instructor trainer and phoned Robin McDonald and booked a lesson. From the very start of my training I knew Robin was the instructor for me. He knew exactly what was needed to pass ADI Part 3.

His friendly manner, knowledge skill and the technique he used made learning a lot easier.

Mark Benson A.D.I.

2 years ago I decided I needed a career change so becoming a driving instructor was the change that I needed to make for me and my family.

I passed Part 1 and 2 within a year but due to unsatisfactory training from unnamed parties for Part 3 I failed the first and second attempt. My dream of becoming a driving instructor was becoming unattainable and I was losing hope fast.

I contacted my old friend Thelma Smyton who I did some of my Part 3 training with. Thelma advised me to contact Robin so I took her advice. It was the best decision I’ve made in the whole process; I found Robin down to earth, easy going and his knowledge was second to none. Robin restored my confidence and self belief in my own ability.

In May 2011 I passed my third attempt of the Part 3 thanks to training and know-how of Robin McDonald.

Ivor Doey A.D.I.

Wanting to Become a Driving instructor? Then look no further and choose Robin McDonald. Doing my part 2 I found I had quite a lot of habits but with lots of determination and drive Robin's friendly approach towards tuition helped me sail right through and I passed my part 2.

Then it came to part 3 which I was dreading but with Robin's true confidence in me and expert advice I passed my part 3 with ease. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who wishes to become a driving instructor.

Keith Archibald A.D.I.

Becoming a Driving Instructor was a big career change for me, however starting the training with Robin soon allayed any fears I had. Not only did I complete Parts 1 and 2 but I was lucky to be given a job by Robin at A+ Driving Academy.

My experience and further training led me to pass the part 3 and I am now an Approved Driving Instructor. It was Robin's training and realistic role play scenarios which enabled me to pass the part 3 and would have no hesitation in recommending him as an ADI Trainer.

Alan Mullen A.D.I.

Firstly, thanks to Robin for helping me realise my dream of becoming an Approved driving instructor. After failing part 3 exam on two occasions with a 3/4 and a 3/3 with another trainer I didn't have much confidence and doubted my ability of becoming a driving instructor.

I spoke with one of my friends who had passed their part 3 test with Robin as their trainer and decided that a change of trainer was required. I contacted Robin and knew from the first phone call that I was making the right decision. Robin immediately gave me the confidence and put the fun factor back into learning.

All of Robin's lessons were well structured and prepared me for my final attempt at my test. Robin showed me were I was going wrong and ironed out any issues that i had. The results speak for themselves 5/6. If you have a desire to becoming a driving instructor, then make the right decision and contact Robin for your training.

Robert Gallagher A.D.I.

I decided I wanted to become a driving instructor and after spending a lot of money to go with a very well known driving school, I passed the first 2 parts of the ADI course. But that is where the dream ended. After failing my first attempt at part 3 with a very poor score, I quickly realised that the training i was receiving for this the most difficult of the three exams was grossly inadequate and because I didn't have any pupils to help me train I knew there was no way i'd ever pass with this level of instruction. By coincidence I met a friend i hadn't seen in years, we both got talking and it turned out he had also became a driving instructor and had just qualified as an ADI, he went on to tell me that he had the same problem as myself with his previous instructor, he then informed me that I should contact Robin McDonald as he was the man responsible for getting him through his part three very quickly, and he couldn't praise Robin enough. His actual words to me were "after the first lesson you'll know you made the right decision." And how very true his words were. After the lesson I told my wife that I would pass on my next attempt. After approximately four months of excellent, calm, encouraging and extremely informative tuition with Robin McDonald i passed my part three test with excellent grades. To reach this level compared to what I got before was an amazing transformation and was due to the training I received from this expertly skilled trainer who prepared me to a very high standard enabling me to cope with anything the examiner might test me on. I can only thank Robin for getting me passed and for the high level of knowledge he imparted to me.

Francis McGonagle A.D.I.

What can I say except a truly great ADI trainer!!

I was told about Robin having myself failed the dreaded part 3. I took a chance and gave him a call and after the first lesson I knew I'd made the right decision.

Right from the start he showed me where I was going wrong in a very patient and professional manner with plenty of humor thrown in. He gave me straight forward and easy to understand information and thanks to him I achieved two grade fives. I would recommend Robin to anyone who is thinking of starting a new career as a Driving Instructor as it was worthwhile for me.

Eddie Mulholand A.D.I.

When I was wanting to start a new career as a driving instructor, I approached Robin McDonald to find out what was involved. Right from the start Robin was there helping me pass my part 1 exam.

When it came to the part 2 exam Robin was soon able to bring my driving up to a good standard enabling me to pass the part 2 with only 1 minor I found his knowledge and teaching methods to be very easy to understand was also very patient and friendly at all times.

Next was the dreaded part 3 and again Robin was brilliant as he guided me through each subject with his in car one to one training and he new exactly where my weakness was he encouraged me when I felt like giving up. I found him very helpful and knowledgeable in all the subjects that we had to cover. It was with Robin's help that when it came to the part 3 exam that I achieved a excellent grade!!!.

I would say that without Robin i would never have achieved my goal of becoming an ADI. If you are thinking of becoming ADI Look no further! Robin's the perfect trainer... As I start my new career I can relax knowing that Robin is just a phone call away. I would like to say a big thank-you to him.

Jason McVeigh A.D.I.

I decided to become a driving instructor as the building trade was quickly going downhill. I signed on with a well known big company but was soon disappointed with the training they provided.

I past part one and two with the company but soon realised the training as inadequate. I failed part three on my first attempt.

I had seen A+ cars throughout the town so looked them up on the net and thought i'd get in contact with Robin. It was the best decision I made. After just one lesson with Robin I learned more than with 30 lessons from the other company.

Robin's training is well structured and one to one and he is a great trainer, very friendly and professional. I felt a lot more confident going for my part 3 the next time around and was over the moon to have passed.

I cant thank Robin enough for all he has done. Would recommend him to anyone thinking of ADI training.

Uel Hayes A.D.I.

My name is Uel Hayes and when I was informed that I was going to be made redundant I decided to go down the road of becoming a driving instructor, as I have always been interested in driving. I have been a member of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorist) and have held the advanced driving licence for a car and motor bike for over 15 years. When I inquired from local driving instructors that I knew, who would be the best person to go to, for driving instructor training there was only one answer. Robin mc Donald. From my first phone call to Robin, I knew I was speaking to the best man for the job. He explained in easy to understand detail exactly what was involved to become a driving instructor. From the part 1 up to the final part 3. Once I had passed my part 1 I started my part 2 and 3 training with Robin. From the first lesson Robin was informative and knowledgeable about every aspect of the training, and came across very professional and friendly. So, by the time I was ready for my tests every eventually was covered. Since passing my tests I now work for A+Driving Academy as a driving instructor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robin Mc Donald to anybody that would be interested in becoming a driving instructor.

If you have a passion to teach, and get a buzz from seeing people develop skills for life, you could train as a driving instructor, and get on the path to an enjoyable and rewarding career with A+ and we want to hear from you!

Becoming an A.D.I. is a job like no other, it can change your life.